Breakfast Clubs

About Breakfast Clubs

We offer our simple 3G approach for children to be able to start the school day

Get Ready

Get Set


Get Ready

Our Breakfast Clubs ensure that the children start their day in the right way. Our healthy, balanced and nutritious breakfast is coupled with our engaging yet calm and mindful environment to ensure that the children are energised and ready for their busy day ahead at school.

We provide an array of breakfast items to chose from including cereals, bread items such as toast, crumpets and croissants, yoghurts, fresh fruit, porridge, soft boiled eggs and cereal bars as well as milk, water and fresh fruit juice. Our breakfasts are a social occasion for our children as well as actively supporting independence as the children make their own breakfast choices and serve themselves with the support of our staff.

Get Set

Within our environment, we ensure that there are a range of activities and zones for the children to freely navigate once they have finished their breakfast. Within the session we also incorporate mindfulness activities and physical activities to get the brain and body in the mindset ready and active for school.


We work with our schools to ensure that there is an agreed handover point for our shared children to ensure that they arrive at their classrooms safely and are ready to Go

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