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After School Club

After School Club

After school club information

15:00 to 18:30

Includes Nutritious Snack

Age 3 - 11 years old

Thames Street, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8NL



For Regular Sessions:

For Nursery children – Rising 3’s

Limited places are available, please contact us directly for further information.

For Nursery children – Age 3 & 4

Until 17:30pm = £16.50 per session
Until 18:30pm = £19.00 per session.

For Infants & Junior children

Until 17:30pm = £11.00 per session
Until 18:30pm = £14.50 per session.

From 16:30pm to 18:30pm = £10.00 per session.

For Ad Hoc sessions = £3.00 extra per session

Sibling Discount Available

About the setting

Opening in Autumn 2020, our After School Club will provide premium high quality childcare for children aged 3-11 years at St George’s Weybridge.

Space and Environment

Our After School Club will be based in the Mulberry Hall and the classrooms above which are all situated to the right hand of the main school reception. We will be predominantly using the Mulberry Hall for registration including our meet and greet, snack and as a large play space for wet play games and whole group activities. Our classrooms upstairs will be our age based rooms as well as our project room and mindfulness area. In addition to this, children will also have access to the entire outdoor environment including the forest school area, specialist areas such as IT and spaces that can be used for performing arts.


St Georges After School Club creates a stimulating and challenging provision for all of the children in our care. Meet and Greet is a key part of our club in which the children can share their experiences and news with each other freely and the staff can filter over any key messages to the group including what is planned for the session and anything else that the children would like to be involved in. Homework and mindfulness zones are available in the classrooms upstairs and encouraged daily to allow for more focussed quiet spaces when needed.

Our age based rooms are set up with a wide variety of resources and social activities that encourage and provide many different play and learning opportunities for our children which are tailored for the different ages and stages that we support. All age base rooms will support social skills through role play and small world resources, learning opportunities through homework areas, literacy and numeracy activities and games and the development of fine and gross motor skills through sensory and messy activities, mark making and craft and physical and active games. 

Nursery children will benefit from specialist provision as part of our commitment to continuous provision and continuity of care for our Early Years children. This will include structured and free play activities and areas such as malleable play, fun with phonics and maths, show and tell and sharing of news, circle time including stories, rhymes and singing and messy play and sensory activities centred around developing hand eye coordination and fine and gross motor skills

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children will have the freedom to explore and engage in a vast range of free play spaces and zones that will naturally support and enhance their learning through play. We will also support their holistic development through specific social activities such as sharing of news with the group, different play experiences such as woodwork, loose parts play and imaginative and role play areas to support creativity, story telling and knowledge and understanding of the world.

Junior children will have the opportunity to partake in project work that supports the learning of new skills or the furthering of existing ones through woodwork, cooking, sewing, coding, electronic kits and gardening to name a few. Within their space they will also have a mindfulness area with resources and activities centred around supporting mental wellbeing and calming and relaxing the mind.

Daily routine

St. George’s After School Club Daily Routine
3:00 – 3:30pm Children arrive at the club have their ‘meet and greet’ and then engage in free play or group activities 
3:30 – 4:30pm Free play both inside and outside, rooms available upstairs open and snack starts
4:30 – 5:30pm Children start to arrive from school extra curricular clubs. Access to larger outside space or room for group games and physical activities.
5:30 – 6:30pm Tidy-up begins, quick quizzes and light activities until home time.

Parent access to the club

Visitors to The Gap Club should follow the schools guidelines on parking in their car park or on the the surrounding roads.

To access The Gap Club visitors need to come to the Junior School site from Thames Street. From the main school reception, follow the path to the right until you get to the colourful pencil fence. Our board will be in front of the gate with our walkie talkie on it. Please ring the walkie talkie and wait for a response from our staff. We will then ask you to confirm who you are collecting and we will bring your child to the gate. Please do look out for our signs that direct visitors to our setting.

What our parents say

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