King’s Court,
Old Windsor
Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Information

07:30 To 08:30

Age 4 - 13 years old

Ashbrook Road, Old Windsor SL4 2NE

07813 963 941


For Regular Sessions

£6 per session.

For Ad Hoc sessions = £1.50 extra per session

Sibling Discount Available

About the setting

Opening in January 2021, our Breakfast Club at Kings Court First School will provide high quality care  for children aged 4 to 11 years from Kings Court First School and aged 9 to 13 years from St Peter’s C of E Middle School. We will be open every morning from 7:30am until the children go to school and the session includes a healthy, balanced nutritious breakfast. The children can choose their own breakfast, which is served until 8:15am, from a range of options which include a range of cereals, bread items such as toast, crumpets and croissants, eggs, oatcakes, cereal bars, yoghurts, porridge and plenty of fresh fruit as well as milk, water and fresh fruit juice.

We have sole use of the Bungalow every morning including the outside area and so the children will be able to access a range of activities including arts and crafts, creative resources, reading, puzzles, board games, gardening and energetic outdoor play.

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our settings and an essential part of this is our staff. Our staff are reliable, experienced and personable childcare practitioners who take an active and natural interest in the individuality of our children, their interests and needs and so our morning themes and activities will be tailored to the needs and interests of the children in their care. They work closely with both schools to ensure free flow communication, sharing of information and a smooth transition for our shared children with direct handovers of any important information to the teachers being provided in the morning where needed.

This close working partnership supports us in ensuring that we provide the best possible experiences and care and that our children get the best possible start to their day.

Daily routine

Children can be dropped off to the club from 7:30am onwards with breakfast being available until 8:15am. Upon their arrival, the children will be able to place their belongings in a dedicated space within the setting and then start to choose what they would like for breakfast that morning. They can then sit and eat with their peers and our staff and take part in social conversations surrounding topics of interest to the children as well as world events.

Our morning activities will tie into monthly themes such as ‘space,’ ‘science and engineering,’ and ‘blue sensory month’ which supports us in being able to provide different experience and opportunities for our children. We will also have ongoing projects such as woodwork, sewing and gardening that the children will be able to dedicate some of their time to as well. We maximise our use of the environment and our resources, ensuring the children are active and leave us feeling energised and ready for an inspired day at school.


Parent access to the club

Visitors to The Gap Club access the site via the main school entrance. To gain entrance, parents will need to press the call button on the walkie talkie hanging from The Gap Club Welcome Board.


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