At St George’s, we are absolutely delighted with our new collaboration with The Gap Club. From initial communications, through contract and terms building and now with our Wraparound care fully underway, we have found all TGC staff to be considerate, professional, enthusiastic, and most importantly, entirely child centred. Little details like feeding in to our EYFS assessment tracking with thoughtful comments on the children’s progress, to an open willingness to adapt provision to suit both the needs of our school and parent body has made the entire process a smooth and positive one. Anecdotal feedback from our pupils in these early days are that they love the Gap Club, they are excited by the varied and interesting provision they offer and they are asking to go there more and more! Our parents have been able to book, pay for and rearrange sessions without needing to directly involve the school at all, which has been hugely supportive to us and a big advantage from an administration perspective. All in all, while only at the beginning of our relationship with TGC, our first impressions truly couldn’t be more complimentary.