Super Hero Week at Englefield Green


Hi Everyone, my name is Roselia, Supervisor of Englefield Gap Club. I would like to send out a shout out to all the school staff of Englefield who have been amazing in supporting and settling in children as they transition from classroom to Gap After school Club.

To all my Parents it’s been amazing and a privilege and an honour to be able to provide a vibrant and safe happy environment for your children with caring staff that work hard to make sure each and every day the children are able to freely explore the Gap environment, fulfilling their play experience daily. All the children know my golden rule is to have fun.

This weeks theme is Super Hero Week and we have had an amazing time designing their Super Heroes and making Capes and masks. Celebrating Remembrance Day talking about all the superheroes that fought in the war with poppy pictures and decorating poppy biscuits and learning about the history of their own family.
This week we are supporting Children In Need’s Fundraiser and we have lots of activities planned next week.

Parents, please thank your children for making Englefield green such a special place filled with fun laughter and well being.