Just a few short months ago, many of us doubted how, when or if school’s could take a full contingent of children back again. To think only back in June the first few year groups started to return, and even as late as early July the opening of even a local playground seemed an impossible task. Despite the barriers in the way, after hours of behind the scenes planning by our staff team and a huge amount of support from our schools and the local community, a ‘Summer of Fun’ was put together.

In actual fact, our first of two Holiday Club’s opened it’s doors less than two weeks after being given the green light from the House of Commons. Many risk assessments, bottles of hand sanitiser and bubble planning later we were ready. Our club at Staines Preparatory School opened on Monday 13th July. To all of the team this was quite possibly one of the proudest moments in our careers.

This summer proved that anything really is possible if you put your mind and heart to it. We really enjoyed everything and hope you did too! Here for you is some of the highlights of Summer 2020.

Staines – Holiday Club

We opened on 13th July to our keyworker families, welcoming everyone back that week was really special. Being able to go back and do what we do best was something that we hope the children will always remember. The theme weeks were really enjoyed by everyone, along with this being able to get outside was amazing. Despite it getting really hot, bringing water play back was awesome, both staff and children loved using the hose pipes and water equipment. The art work from the children was something out of this world, from making bunting through to building a home made stage, there was something new to look forward to everyday. We had some great fun with our games we were able to play as well, our four weeks at Staines was a truly memorable Holiday Club.

St.Jude’s Holiday Club

Two weeks after opening Staines the doors to club number 2 were opened. This time from day one it was a full house, and wow what a brilliant start. We were welcomed to a heat wave from day one, and for much of our time we found our bubbles making the most of the brilliant outdoor space at school. Many of the children we had at club were coming to a school based environment for the first time in 3 months, and every young person who joined us got involved with the activities we had on offer. We had so much from, our highlights being pet corner, many obstacle courses and of course, that music video! (check out our you-tube channel!). Like our Staines club, the artwork the children created was brilliant, watching the children take ownership of their bubble rooms was really special, with bunting hanging from the ceiling and banners on windows, the summer at St.Jude’s was brilliant!

Fun in the Sun

Having completed 6 weeks of Holiday Club, it was straight into Fun in the Sun, and what an excellent week we had. Despite a rather windy Tuesday, the rest of the week did have sunshine for us. From junk modelling, through to gardening we had an amazing week offering free play activities in partnership with Old Windsor Parish council. Many people in the community turned out to support us, and it was so nice to see some happy smiling faces in the last week of the holidays. We would love to be back in 2021 to run another week of Fun in Old Windsor.


Thankyou for a brilliant Summer of Fun!