Pyrcroft Grange Primary
Sports Club

Sports Club Information

08:00 to 18:30

Includes nutritious snack

Age 3 - 13 years old

Pyrcroft Road, Chertsey KT16 9EW



Early Bird: 8am-8:30am = £2.50

Half Day Session: 8:30am-1:30pm or 1:30pm-6:30pm = £18.50

Regular Day: 8:30am-4:30pm = £28

Extended Day: 8:30am-6:30pm = £35

Late booking fee = £5 extra per child, per session

Sibling Discount Available

About the setting

Space and Environment

Our club at Pyrcroft Grange operates from the lunch hall and also has access to the large outdoor space that the school offers. We also utilise the large hall where possible to enable group games and free play activities.

Club Setting

Pycroft Grange Gap Sports Club operates alongside our Multi-Activity Club and provides our children with opportunities to learn various skills that support their holistic development with particular focus on mind, body and soul.

Daily routine

The club opens for business at 8am and closes at 6:30pm with multiple session options available.
Early Bird: 8am – 8:30am
Half Day: 8:30am – 1:30pm or 1:30pm – 6:30pm
Regular Day: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Extended Day: 8:30am – 6:30pm

Holiday Club Daily Routine
8am – 8:30am Early Bird Drop off with Multi Activity Camp
8:30 – 9:30am Welcome, introduction and warm up
9:30 – 10:30am Activities 1 and 2 (age specific)
10.30 – 10.45 Drinks break and debrief
10.45 – 11.45 Activities 1 and 2 alternated (age specific)
11.45 – 12.15 Cool down and debrief
12.15 – 1.30 Lunch with mindfulness activity
1.30 – 2.00 Welcome, introduction and warm up
2.00 – 2.45 Activity 3 and 4 (age specific)
2.45 – 3.15 Drinks break and debrief
3.15 – 4.00 Activity 3 and 4 alternated (age specific)
4.00 – 4.30 Debrief, certificates, daily quiz and mindfulness.
4.30 – 6.30 Snack, extended day and free play and join in with Multi Activity camp.
6.30 Last collections

Parent access to the club

Follow the club signage to the front door of school. An ‘A’ frame will be at the front door giving specific information as to where we are located that day. Parents access the club via the main door to the school, you should ring our doorbell or intercom to let us know you have arrived.


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