Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will be aware, this October we are due to open four Holiday Club locations during Half Term, these being Egham, Staines, Old Windsor and Chertsey.

Our bookings have been open since early September and we have been promoting the settings in a number of places (social media /school/community), our schools have also been supportive in our efforts to promote and open each club. Re-opening the venues after lockdown in July and August was a nervous but carefully managed process so that our service was safe and secure and provided the adapted childcare needs our parents desperately needed as well as being a positive move forward for the wellbeing of our staff. Summer went exceptionally well with no cases and the children had great fun, we therefore had high hopes for October.

However, with the current economic crisis, along with the effects of the pandemic, customer uncertainty, bookings are very low, and some of our settings are  simply not viable to operate with the current numbers we have. We are currently assessing each club for its viability to open and will be looking at options to ensure we can still deliver a premium service albeit in a different (but still local) venue. We will be looking to merge local venues so that we can still provide childcare support over the holidays.

As things currently stand, bookings remain open and active for every site, so If you do need cover for Half Term, we would urge you to book your place as soon as possible, but please be advised that the venue of your choice may change to the nearest local venue. In the event of this happening we will let you know.

By making these changes we hope you understand that we are doing our utmost to ensure that a childcare service is available to all and that with these adjustments (mainly on your part) we can achieve our aim without major impact on the sustainability of the company. A final decision will be taken on Monday (12th October 2020) and we will update you of any decisions by email in the afternoon.

Should you have any questions please do contact the office on 01753 251077.